“I began my journey as a strawberry pioneer in 1998, no one knew about this fruit at that time. It was a risk then, but strawberry cultivation is now evident in our hills. The extensive support provided by the Department of Agriculture through schemes for quality sapling and mulching sheet etc. has enabled us to enjoy the fruit of our labor today”

Ostander Lyngkhoi

Headman of Sohliya Village, Ri Bhoi district

“Farmers from Syntung village have been cultivating strawberries for almost five years now, and we can see the numerous benefits it brings to us farmers. I hope our produces reach far and wide and Meghalaya continues to be renowned for its strawberries”

Robert Pale

Headman of Syntung Village, East Khasi Hills

“The strawberry festival in our region has not only provided a platform for showcasing our produce but has also facilitated newer market opportunities.”

Milli Ch Marak

Strawberry farmer

Darechikgre, West Garo Hills

“Because of old age, most of us cannot go far away to work anymore, so we work on the farms near our houses. Initiatives like the strawberry festival and strawberry market have created new opportunities for marketing of our produces with the support of the department and we are filled with joy.”

Dit Lyngshiang

Strawberry Farmer

Syntung, East Khasi Hills

Farmers from the village harvest this fruit during the winter season, which is a period when we encounter many financial difficulties. Being able to cultivate this fruit and earn good income from it is truly a blessing for the farming community.”

Sadalin Suting

Strawberry Farmer

Syntung Village, East Khasi Hills

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