Strengthening Knowledge and Capacity for NRM : Key Interventions

Training & Capacity Building

Training and capacity building imparted to project staff, traditional institutions and headmen, Government departments and the community at large on NRM.

Documentation of Traditional Knowledge

Participatory documentation and exchange of traditional knowledge is undertaken through community consultations to identify priority for Knowledge Management.

Innovation Grants

NRM innovators are identified, documented and supported at the national, state and grass-root levels.

Catalytic Activities

A Catalytic fund is developed for enhancing CLLMP Principles.

Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence for sustainable NRM and Livelihood was launched in June 2021. The COE is a platform for anchoring NRM initiatives and facilitating sustainable implementation of NRM through institutional strengthening, democratization of NRM initiatives, leveraging on technology to enable implementation at scale, and provision of a platform for better collaboration and convergence. Under the umbrella of the COE, a cadre of village community facilitators (VCF) is being recruited in every village of the State. As of July 2021, VCFs have been identified in more than 2000 villages of which more than 2000 VCFs from 884 villages have been intensively trained in various areas of NRM and NRM planning.

Research & Development

Various research and studies are being conducted. A baseline study for the Project has been conducted, also a study on the drivers of deforestation in the state has also been conducted.

Monitoring Reporting & Learning

Monitoring and Evaluation systems are being developed like the MIS and an App for project staff and the community.